Girl talk

The reason I decided to write todays post was mainly based on my recent experiences and not just on them. I moved with my bf to the capital and we tried some new gyms out and I noticed a majority of women were in a cardio zone and stayed there the whole training and this happens in my home town gym as well. I really don´t know why women are afraid of lifting weights. In my point of view there are some threats in the eyes of many women, which are built up like an unbeatable Iron Curtain between lifting and cardio zones. I bet that majority of this threats are caused by existence of a men. WHY?!! Just because they watch you like a starving hunter? But it´s normal, isn´t it? Men look at all women. It´s a fact and you have to deal with it. You can take it as na advantage for yourself, althought you are not comfortable with it. Whats more…those men are at the gyms because of the same goals as you have. So forget all those looks and do your damn work! Other fact I think is, that most of the girls are afraid of getting too bulky and think they´re gonna end up like a Dennis Wolf in his offseason. Yes, of course you will and you´ll get a pro card after 2 months of lifting. No way, fitties. Lifting has a HUGE amount of benefits for a woman body.

First of all – the more muscle mass you have, the more calories your body will burn. So you will easier drop the weight. Your posture will drastically get better and your stamina will improve. It will also boost your immune system and release the endorphins, so lifting is also a great for your psyche. Lifting is crucial for getting that nice, toned and feminine curvy body. So girls, don´t forget to lift, gyms are for anybody 🙂

Luv Ya ♥ 🙂


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