Touch of Vietnamese!

Happy Monday everyone 🙂

To start the week of in unusual way I decided to bring you a new recipe with touch of Asia. Asian is my favorite cuisine. Especially sushi, which I crave more than any of the sweets and pizzas. So to fancy meal NO. 2 today I made something like spring rolls. First I preped a turkey breasts. I used a sea salt, pepper, ginger, chilli and unsalted chicken seasoning. And I easily roasted on a pan. Than I let the rice papers softened in a water. When it is ready to be used I filled it with a lil bit of sriracha sauce, stevia ketchup, chinesse salad and turkey. Then simply roll it over and you are ready to munch it.

Just for a volume I made a roasted seasoned Italian veggies. Which was a perfect addition to this dish.

Bon Apetit ♥




And don´t forget to hydrate yourself! 🙂 L1070347


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