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Leg days are the hardest days of the week. But I lift because I need the pain, I need to feel the burn and I need to hit my limits. I love every single training even there are days when I complain a lot. But it happens when I am tired, having a low carb, when something hurts and I am not able to train for 100% and the last piece of this puzzle is halfwitted people in the gym, who drive me crazy! I don´t want to be rude…but seriously?! Why do some guys go to the gym instead of going to the pub when they do exactly the same things just with a little twist – without a beer. But they are just dancing from one corner to the other, standing in the squat rack and talking about total bullshits and shouting it out loud so that everybody knows, which girl has the biggest boobs in their company.

Anyway…back to the legs 😀 I train them twice a week (Last week I couldn´t have count it and I had three of them 😀 ) My all leg sessions start with squats. I focus on technique when it comes to squatting, so that I squat 60kgs in one set as max (75kgs on smith machine) and it is hard enough for me 🙂 It´s a basic exercise, a compound movement, very beneficial, and I find it really hard to do it properly. Of course I want to improve both with technique and maximum weight. Other basic movement for me is deadlift. I do deadlifts almost every training as well. And again, I don´t go over 80kgs to the detriment of technique.

Other exercise which I take as a basic is legpressing. Now I have started lower the weight and focus on a form. I incorporated one very slow rep followed by 3 quick reps and go to the total soreness in one set.

Here is one example of my leg day;

1. Squats

  • 2 sets x 15 as a minimum – (30kgs)
  • 4 sets x 10 (60 kgs)

2. legpress

  • 5 sets ( my range is usually from 120 kgs – 250kgs, but it depends on how I feel, more important is to do it corectly with proper form and really feel the burn) and I do as many reps as possible the 1+3 style I mentioned in the post

3. Leg extensions

  • 6 sets x 8-12 ca (60kgs)

4. Deadlifts

  • 2 sets x 12 (60 kgs)
  • 2 sets x 3-6 ca (80kgs)

5. hamstring extensions

  • 3 dropsets – 35kgs, 25kgs, 15kgs (The last dropped set with 15 I do like I go up with both legs together and down I change left and right every rep) i don´t count reps, I just do as many as possible till hellish burn

6. Lunges with 10 kgs dumbbells, go as many as possible, then I drop them and go weightless and I do this 3-4 times

Afterwards I am not usually able to walk, able to speak, able to do nothing, just survive 😀

Love Sara ♥


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