Supplements talking!

Oh my goodness! It was a crazy week. I am still like in a convalescence after angina, but I´ve started training on Tuesday. I´ve never had such a hard trainings than the three first were!!! It was sooo hard after 16 days of laying with antibiotics. Feels like you´re pushing the wall you are not able to push, but you want to go through SO MUCH. But I was fighting and the last two workouts were great and I am almost fully back on track.

I decided to tell you a little more about my supplementation routine. I think supplements couldn´t be underestimated and if you are able to obtain them, just do it. For example the vitamines and minerals. I don´t know how could I get all of them just from a “natural” sources and even If I do a restrictions in a diet. Obviously you will survive without them 😀 But if you do any sport it is simply a great sparring partner.


Sooo…I start my day with a protein shake so that I get a few BCAAs. After  a breakfast I take 2 Omega 3 fatty acids (It´s great to take them after a protein-carb breakfast, cos then you get a full potential from them when combined with these macros), 1000mg of vitamin C (don´t worry about overdosing), a complex of other vitamines and minerals (try to look for a minerals with chelate bond). That´s all for my mornings supplementation. In the afternoon I take a preworkout. These days I use the Cellzoom – Amix. Then I sip on a BCAAs and  I drink them during and after training as well. When I am finished with my gym session I drink a protein shake, I take another “C” and magnesium (a miracle for me). About one hour before sleeping I drink BCAAs combined with L-glutamine. This combo is like a bedtime story for a sweet dreams 😀

Thanks for reading

Love Sara ♥


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