My very first post!

Welcome to my new blog!

Yes. It happened. And I don´t even know how it bumped into my mind to set up a blog. Probably the idea of it was deeply in my brain and decided to came out of it while I´m having a more free time these days cos of illness.

First of all I should introduce myself for those of you who don´t know me from instagram:) My name is Sara and I´am 21 year old girl from Czech republic, who is absolutely in love with the gym and weightlifting. So I set up this blog to maybe inspire someone, to share any tips & tricks, recipes, trainings, my daily life and my future plans.

Fitness means a lot to me. It is a part of my life like a breathing. Or to explain it better I couldn´t breathe without it. It is simply something what´s got beneath my skin. I´ve started about 2 years ago. But to tell the truth it wasn´t a passion for the first sight. It was like an escape. An escape of everyday life, of some daily problems and non-active life, which was totally depressing if you were an active child in the past. But suddenly it crossed from the escape to a love. I think that whatever you do, you should be doing with love. Then you can be good at it.

Stay tuned for upcoming articles ✎ 

Wish you all a beautiful weekend!

Sara ♥


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